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About us

TTRP Aims:

  • Advocate the advancement of sustainable research and evaluation within the anti-trafficking field, and for that research to inform anti-trafficking policy
  • Enable engagement with and collaborative working between all actors in the field of anti-trafficking, including academics, NGOs, researchers, frontline service providers and government
  • Examine and challenge existing assumptions embedded in anti-trafficking strategies, including best practice and methodology
  • Integrate and promote a rights-based approach throughout all work

TTRP Mission:

To be a collaborative initiative that explores and analyzes the issue of human trafficking utilizing a human rights perspective. TTRP aims to make a positive and pragmatic contribution to the current policy and research developments on this issue by engaging multiple anti-trafficking stakeholders as well as undertaking policy-relevant research.

TTRP Values:

A global, human-rights approach based on transparency, collaboration, innovation and strategy.


Caroline Parkes is a Co-Founder and Researcher of The Trafficking Research Project. She currently serves as a human rights consultant to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Drones. Caroline has ten years work experience in human rights including five years as a Researcher at British Irish Rights Watch, focusing on transitional justice, equality and counter-terrorism. She has also worked for the Committee on the Administration of Justice in Belfast and undertaken field research and policy analysis in Bosnia and Israel. Caroline holds an LLM Human Rights Law (dist), an MSc in Development Practice (dist) and an MA in American Studies. She is based in London.

Kathryn Baer is a Co-Founder of and Researcher at The Trafficking Research Project. With over eight years of experience in rights-based policy research and advocacy, her prior anti-trafficking experience includes working at Polaris Project in the US as well as Anti-Slavery International in the UK. Her areas of expertise are based in violence against women and human trafficking with a keen interest in primary prevention strategies. She has an MSc in Social Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is based in San Francisco.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Hi Kathryn–you were too modest — this is wonderful — you probabaly saw this article referencing the local focus on combating human trafficking: http://blog.sfgate.com/crime/2014/06/30/website-in-oakland-to-shame-pimps-johns/ — best wishes

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