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Guest Contributors

The Trafficking Research Project is a collaborative initiative and as such receives excellent guest posts for the blog. Further details of our contributors are set out below. We are always looking for new contributors. If you are interested in contributing to the blog, please email us with a brief bio, including previous writing experience and proposed topic. We can be contacted at: thetraffickingresearchproject [at] gmail dot com.

Stephen Bell Stephen Bell Associates Ethnographic evaluation in sexual health – a useful method for improving the impact of preventative trafficking policy and programmes?
Paul Buckley United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking The bias in counter-trafficking data and need for improved data collection: reflections on trafficking onto fishing boats
Libby Clarke HOME Getting organised: the global challenges of collaboration
Melissa Ditmore and Juhu Thukral Research consultant; The Opportunity Agenda Creating accountability and protecting human rights in anti-trafficking efforts
Mike Dottridge Independent consultant Some implications of using the term ‘modern slavery’
Dr Graham Ellison School of Law, Queens University Belfast The sex trade in Northern Ireland: the creation of a moral panic?
John Gee TWC2 Signing on the dotted line: examining operational indicators of trafficking. Part 1: Contract Abuse
    Part 2: Contract Substitution
Khara Glackin South Tyrone Empowerment Programme Unaccounted: forced labour in Northern Ireland
Stephanie Hepburn Journalist and author Displacement of Syrians: implications for a human trafficking crisis
Stephanie Nawyn Michigan State University Migrant space and claiming rights in Istanbul: a barrier to fighting human trafficking?
Jeni Page Young Minds A journey too far?
Georgina Perry NHS Open Doors Sex work and the London 2012 Olympics – How was it for you?
Professor Nicola Philips Department of Politics, University of Sheffield The Transparency in UK Company Supply Chains Bill: three lessons
SWEAT SWEAT Collective action: seizing opportunities in opposition
Rebecca Surtees Nexus Institute Researching the unseen: Challenges in human trafficking research.
    Ethical principles in the re/integration of trafficked persons. Experiences from the Balkans.
    After trafficking. The (re)integration needs and experiences of trafficked children
    Trapped at sea. Using the legal and regulatory framework to combat trafficking at sea.
Meena Varma Dalit Solidarity Network Caste-based discrimination and trafficking
Neill Wilkins Institute for Human Rights and Business The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: A framework for understanding and action



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